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I have recovered from the disease of Alcoholism. I believe there is only one person really,.. everybody. And that peace of mind is everything. -So treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself, because your neighbor IS yourself. I think most of recovery is what I would call common sense, but that learning to be ordinary is a true gift very few people acquire. My ambition is to accept everything unflinchingly, with compassion, and therefore be intrinsically comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and am willing to go to any lengths to improve my life. I believe the Big Book was divinely inspired, and is extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately AA's best kept secret a lot of the time. (In my opinion). I just try to do what works, no matter what it is.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hey, you MUST sign up and put your sobriety date on this site!

Because really LOVELY people send you emails with really LOVELY messages in them. What a nice bunch!! And from all over the place too! Cool! I thought they were really sweet! AA people are LOVELY. I wish they were all blogging, because they sounded like such nice AA people!
So sign yourself up ladies and gentlemen!

Yeah, so basically I HEARTILY recommend this website!
Its called Sober Anniversaries (unsurprisingly!)

So thanks for the kind wishes from the other aa's listed on the site!, and of course all the happy new year wishes from everyone!
AA fellowship is VERY cool. We are SO lucky to have this network of people that we can have this lovely connection with, regardless of age, race, or whatever. It really is like having a big extended family! I think I want to adopt them all!

Anyway I'm going to do some guess what.. STUDY!!
...No change there then! Heheh

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Pammie said...

I'll have to check that out...Happy New Year.