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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sexually transmitted CANCER

Yeah the HPV VIRUS responsible for cervical CANCER is INFECTIOUS.
Scary huh?
What Are the Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer? By the American Cancer Society
"Recent studies show that condoms ("rubbers"), while they do provide some protection, do not completely protect against HPV. This is because HPV can be passed from person to person by skin-to-skin contact with ANY HPV-infected area of the body, such as skin of the genital or a*al area not covered by the condom. The absence of visible warts cannot be used to decide whether caution is needed, because HPV can be passed to another person even when there are NO visible warts or other symptoms."

Bleh! I know. Yik! factor 10!
There is a vaccine that you MIGHT be able to get free from your doctor if you ask politely. Otherwise its 500 quid or so to get it done privately.
The good news is that the vaccine works for most of the viruses. Its pretty effective.
So if you are planning of having lots of sexual partners, you should consider vaccination. Cervical cancer tends not to show up in young women. You see it more in age 40's or so. But when it DOES show up, it kills quite a few women. The more partners you have, the greater risk you are at.
Lovely eh? As if the sexual health minefield wasn't bad enough..
Never mind. I suppose we should be cheering from the rooftops that they have discovered such an effective vaccination against cancer. That's a neat trick. Even if I say so myself.
There's a TON of stuff on cervical cancer and mortality rates on the internet if you REALLY want to find out about it.
But if you are a HYPOCHONDRIAC, save yourself the anxiety. Easier just to fork out the 450 quid and be done with it. Then you have no need to worry..

Just thought I would mention, in case you hadn't seen this on the news..
See y'all..

For your reference..
Cervical cancer vaccine for girls aged 12 on Times online.
Vaccination (done privately) for 450 quid, if you feel the urge..


Shadow said...

see! here is a good reason to be married and in a monogamous relationship.....

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Oh yeah!
the new std climate definitely favors monogamy!
..and very strategic dating ettiquette!

molly said...

yes - agreeing with you & Shadow! Hey - tried to email ya but your mailbox is full up. My email is lgiessinger@comcast.net :) Would love to put name & face together so please send pic :) Have a great day my friend!

Mama Dukes said...

I just got the test and diagnois myself---I thought I was being safe all those years using condoms. What a shock...

Syd said...

What happened to the good old days of free love?

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

hahaa yeah syd, I think it went MIA..

Kathy Lynne said...

Yes, made sure my daughter got this before she went off to college.