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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mobile phone theft. Stuff I learned!

I've never had a mobile phone stolen before, but I did yesterday, and apparently this is what you are supposed to to. I thought you might find this useful if you don't know it already. I didn't know this stuff!

Call the provider (you will need to be able to remember your mobile number to get through, so make sure you remember it!). 118118 will tell you their number.
Report it stolen
Ask the provider to Block the sim cad
Ask the provider to Deactivate the handset.
Ask the provider to send you a new sim card. Usually about £10.
Ask the provider for your IMEI number, if you don't know it already.

Drop in to your nearest police station. Fill in a form including IMEI number.
Go to immobilise.com. and register your stolen goods.

When buying a replacement handset.
If buying on ebay. Ask the seller for the IMEI number. If they don' supply it, they are probably dodgy.
If they do supply it, (as far as I know) you will not be able to check the IMEI number yourself to see if it is stolen. The police can, but you can't.

Also you can look on ebay to see if your phone is for sale on it!

For future reference:
The police tell me that it might very well be useful to use the track-a-mobile web services, such as:
The accuracy of these services is between 50 and 500 meters. You can tell the police the location details, and this will help them find the stolen goods.

Oh yeah, and always back up your phone to your pc and that way you don't lose any data or numbers. Well that's ONE thing I got right!

What is the IMEI number?
To find your phones IMEI see under the battery or key in *#06# The number will be between 15 and 17 digits

Dang and blast!
Moral of the story: When running in busy streets in daylight hours with the ipod on full blast, be VERY conscious of your bum bag (or whatever place you keep your valuables) when you wait at lights at junctions and road crossings.
I'm so used to running before dawn that I just FORGOT that I am at VERY CLOSE PROXIMITY to other people when I pause at busy junctions during daylight hours.

Ah well. You live and learn!
A new phone is gonna cost me 300 smacks! Ah well. I think this is what you would call a 'high class problem!''


Syd said...

Never thought about backing up my phone to my PC. That's a great idea if I can just figure out how to do it.

Zanejabbers said...

Irish Friend, just to say hi and hope your phone prob clears up. Such a nuisance.

Sober Steve said...

somedays I would give my phone away. Hope it works out in the end. Have a Great weekend.

Hugs and kisses