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Friday, July 14, 2006

Step 11: Train times and cab firms for going to Amaravati on Sunday

Sunday 16th train times to BERKHAMSTED from Euston
12.09 gets there at 12.46
12.39 gets there at 1.12

Sunday talk starts at 2 (free). Sometimes gets pretty busy and its nicer to try and get a seat nearer the front.
Day return cost pretty much the same as a single I think
I think the train fare costs less if you buy it before you get on the train. (I'm not so sure as I hardly get trains)

Postcode for Berkamstead Station is HP4 2JU
Cab companies very near Berkhamstead Station are... (its better to book one before you get to berkhamstead in case you have to wait. Also you can agree a fare beforehand).

Choice Yellow Cabs Ltd
Berkhampsted Railway Station,Lower Kings Rd
Berkhamsted HP4 2AJ
Tel. 01442 875100

69 Beech Dr
Berkhamsted HP4 2HG
Tel. 01442 878722

D A Gates
North Bridge Rd
Berkhamsted HP4 1EH
Tel. 01442 874747

Address is:
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
St Margaret Lane
Great Gaddesden

By the way, Its considered 'bad form' to go to the monastery all dolled up to the nines. Short skirts, low cut tops or very clingy clothing, or loads of slap. Its not fair when you are around people who have chosen a celibate lifestyle!

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