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I have recovered from the disease of Alcoholism. I believe there is only one person really,.. everybody. And that peace of mind is everything. -So treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself, because your neighbor IS yourself. I think most of recovery is what I would call common sense, but that learning to be ordinary is a true gift very few people acquire. My ambition is to accept everything unflinchingly, with compassion, and therefore be intrinsically comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and am willing to go to any lengths to improve my life. I believe the Big Book was divinely inspired, and is extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately AA's best kept secret a lot of the time. (In my opinion). I just try to do what works, no matter what it is.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summarize your most important current dilemma into a 20 second statement

Then the next time someone says "Hi so and so, how are you?" Tell them!!
I find this really funny and a bit cheeky but I use this one ALL THE TIME. It's a FABULOUS trick. I strongly recommend you try it!!
I actually think this is a really FUN thing to do. I cant wait to hear how you get on with it...(If you want to tell me that is)

Heres an example
My most pressing current 'dilemma' for want of a better word is that I could be laid off in two weeks time, but because I am starting a degree in October, rather than looking for another similar job to the one I have now, I am going to TRY to get a job relating to my new study.

So if I meet ANYONE, and they say Hi, .... How are you? Ill tell them!!
I'll say something like
Good actually! But I expect to be laid off work in about two weeks and as I'm doing a part time degree in October, I'm TRYING to get a relevant alternative job, so if you know anyone that might need someone?, Let me know!!

See I can say that in 15 to 20seconds, and not sound like a whingeing energy vampire. But it's a REALLY COOL TRICK. Because it means that in 15 seconds they are aware of my most important 'problem to solve'. I need go into no further detail, and I can get on with the business of being of 'maximum helpfulness' in that situation.
I have found this to be an extremely valuable skill and it has opened up VAST resources of help, wisdom and expertise over the years.
Basically its a method of communicating where you need help (to as many people as possible) in a REALLY time efficient manner.
Always communicate the thing at 'the top of the pile' and work your way down. I focus on what is either the most important thing I need to solve, or when I have no pressing problems, anything that is making me feel uncomfortable that day.

I like to think that I can summarize ANYTHING in about 20 seconds. Even the most obscure existential query!!

You see, if you BROADCAST your current 'dilemma' to all and sundry you'll be amazed at what comes back. From the most unexpected places sometimes!
I am SO good at doing this quickly and informally, that I can do it in the queue in sainsburys or in shops with complete strangers. Its a VERY cool trick. In my opinion. I use it mainly in AA I suppose.

More examples...(not mine just to show you)
"Hi ..........., how are you?"
Pretty good actually! Got some self esteem issues on the horizon now that I'm dating a REALLY cool bloke. Getting in touch with my inferiority, if you know what I mean! Oh the joys of dating! Hahaaa

"Hi ..........., how are you?"
Alright thanks, I'm trying to figure out how to use the gym to change my shape. Not easy I can tell you! Got a personal trainer but I've only just started using them and I'm not sure if they're any good.

"Hi ..........., how are you?"
I feel like a whingeing arse today actually! Don't know why, but I've got a grumpy mood today. You know, 'nothings right' sort of thing? So if I start sounding like a grumpy old bag, you have permission to slap me!

"Hi ..........., how are you?"
Alright thanks! Just having what I call 'an attack of the uglies'. I always force myself to get out when I'm feeling like this otherwise I'd be at home weeping uncontrollably under the duvet! Hahahaha Thank god for plastic surgeons eh? One of my yets....Haha

"Hi ..........., how are you?"
Alright thanks! I've been doing a lot of mediation lately and its shaken my faith in what AA has to offer. I've yet to dovetail all my 'new' teachings into the old framework of AA, so for now AA seems like Kack! Apart from that, everything's fine! Hahaa

"Hi ..........., how are you?"
I feel great, but I'm REALLY tired. Either I'm angry with something and I just haven't noticed, or I need to eat a pile of shredded carrot! Hahaha.That's my food trick for getting more energy you see.(as they look bewildered).

Etc etc

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