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Saturday, July 01, 2006

HIV is a heterosexual issue I'm afraid

And much easier to catch if you are female.

I'm afraid the BAD news is that there is MORE std's around than EVER before. The problem is out of control. London is the HIV/STD capital of the UK. Bisexual men and more sexual freedoms generally means there is a BIG crossover of HIV to the heterosexual community. Lesbians have a better deal on the STD front as they score much lower, but deciding to be lesbian is a bit of of a drastic step to take to avoid STD's!!

Family planning and STDs are completely separate issues. Use condoms in addition to your family planning precautions if you are not 100% sure of the reliability of your partner.
HIV is not just for gays and drug users! Its fair game for the heterosexuals nowadays!! And MUCH easier for women to catch!

Educate yourself on STD's
Get screened some where like this. Check for everything. Including HIV.
HIV takes 3 months to show up in the bloodstream.
Learn about the viral infections like warts, and herpes. You can catch them even when you use a condom, and even when there is very little visible evidence of infection in the partner.

So basically, the days of screwing around are numbered I'm afraid. TIMES HAVE CHANGED. The possible consequences of not paying attention to this area of your life are significantly more life threatening than they were five or ten years ago. Really.
And don't think that just because you aren't 'screwing around' means you are at any less of a risk. You only need to pick ONE sexual partner to get infected. One bad decision, and you put yourself in danger of contracting HIV.
So if you haven't been tested for HIV, do.
But if you have had a recent sexual partner, you will have to wait 3 months before you'll know. That's assuming that during the three month period your partner hasn't had sex with someone else. In which case you'll have to wait ANOTHER three months.
Complicated isn't it? The rules have changed a lot recently. Infection rates and drunken blackout sexual behavior is on the increase.

It presents a VERY good case for why a person who may drink but NEVER gets drunk AND has strength of character is now a VERY DESIRABLE feature in a future partner.
Ask your partner to get screened if they haven't been screened since their last sexual partner. Ask them to show you the letter showing the results of their tests, or you can come with them to the clinic when they get their results.
Don't just think they must be fine because they have no visible symptoms and they 'appear' to be in good health, or they seem like a 'nice' person.

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