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I have recovered from the disease of Alcoholism. I believe there is only one person really,.. everybody. And that peace of mind is everything. -So treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself, because your neighbor IS yourself. I think most of recovery is what I would call common sense, but that learning to be ordinary is a true gift very few people acquire. My ambition is to accept everything unflinchingly, with compassion, and therefore be intrinsically comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and am willing to go to any lengths to improve my life. I believe the Big Book was divinely inspired, and is extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately AA's best kept secret a lot of the time. (In my opinion). I just try to do what works, no matter what it is.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood

I like the motto ChildLIKE not ChildISH.
Heres something I found ages ago which explains it well.

Certificate of the Right to Play

By this Certificate, know ye that:

___________________________________ is a lifetime member and in good standing in the Society of Childlike Persons and forever entitled to:

Walk in the rain, jump in mud puddles, collect rainbows, smell flowers, blow bubbles, stop along the way, build sandcastles, watch the sun and the moon and the stars come out, say hello to everyone, go barefoot, go on adventures, sing in the shower, have a merry heart, read children's books, act silly, take bubble baths, get new sneakers, hold hands and hug and kiss, dance, fly kites, laugh and cry for the health of it.

Wander around, feel scared, feel sad, feel mad, feel happy, give up worry and guilt and shame. Say yes, say no, say the magic words, ask lots of questions, ride bicycles, draw and paint, see things differently, fall down and get up again, talk with animals, look up at the sky.

Trust the universe, stay up late, climb trees, take naps, do nothing, daydream, play with toys, have pillow fights, learn new stuff, get excited about everything, be a clown, enjoy having a body, listen to music, find out how things work, make up new rules, tell stories.

Save the world, make friends with other kids on the block and do anything else that brings more happiness, celebration, relaxation, communication, health, joy, love, creativity, pleasure, abundance, great self-esteem, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, beauty, peace and life energy to the above named member, and to the other human beings on this planet.

Further, the above named member is hereby officially authorized to frequent amusement parks, beaches, meadows, mountain tops, swimming pools, forests, playgrounds, picnic areas, summer camps, birthday parties, circuses, cookie shops, ice cream parlors, theatres, aquariums, museums, planetariums, toy stores, festivals, and other places where children of all ages come to play.

And - is encouraged to always remember the motto of the Society of Childlike Persons:

It's Never Too Late
To Have A Happy Childhood

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