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Friday, June 16, 2006

Premarital Inventories as a Compatibility Test

I don't know if they 'work' as such, but they're better than doing nothing!

PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Inventory
The PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory has a Christian perspective. Via 195 statements, the inventory targets marriage expectations, personality issues, communication issues, conflict resolution, finances, having fun together, sexual issues, parenting, dealing with family and friends, spirituality, and flexibility.

There are five versions available:
PREPARE for premarital couples
PREPARE-MC for premarital couples with children
PREPARE-CC for cohabiting couples with or without children
MATE for couples who are over the age of 50
ENRICH for married couples

RELATE - Relationship Evaluation Questionnaire
The RELATE inventory can be used for both premarital education and also for marriage enrichment. It has 271 items addressing issues of communication, conflict management, consensus building, family-of-origin, personality traits, and more.
An advantage to RELATE is that couples who are separated by distance can use the on-line premarital inventory individually.

Books of the same ilk.
1000 Questions for Couples: Test Your Compatibility and Find Out More About Your Mate by Michael Webb

Questions and Statements to Stimulate Premarital Couple Dialogue

PMI/RMI/VMI Marriage Inventories
The Premarital, Remarital, & Validating Marriage Inventories are available online for $25.00 per couple. It is a 170-item questionnaire that is available in both English and Spanish.

Questions for Engaged Couples

Online questionnaire

Online questionnaires from Marriage Builders.com

heres another

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