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I have recovered from the disease of Alcoholism. I believe there is only one person really,.. everybody. And that peace of mind is everything. -So treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself, because your neighbor IS yourself. I think most of recovery is what I would call common sense, but that learning to be ordinary is a true gift very few people acquire. My ambition is to accept everything unflinchingly, with compassion, and therefore be intrinsically comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and am willing to go to any lengths to improve my life. I believe the Big Book was divinely inspired, and is extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately AA's best kept secret a lot of the time. (In my opinion). I just try to do what works, no matter what it is.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stuff that (I think) drives the sane guys away..

Stuff that (In my opinion) that drives them away faster than a speeding bullet (if they have any sense)

Loneliness written all over your face or your behaviors. Victim mentality. Blaming everyone else for your problems. Not taking any personal responsibility. Neglecting your appearance and body. Being neglectful generally. Needy. Needing reassurance all the time. Being a drain. Energy vampire. Emotional Dependency on them to 'fix' you. Hopelessly dependent on other people generally. (As opposed to being a self-made woman so to speak). Needing to be 'saved' by others. Desperate. Intense. Trying too hard. Shrill. Strained. Speedy. Wired. Being 'too busy'. Hamster in wheel type perpetual motion. Unavailability. 'A highly strained abnormal condition'. Nervous. Nervous laugh. Nervous smile. Smiling all the time. Fixed strained smile. Ingratiating. Obsequious. Fawning. Putting them on a pedestal. Oily. Insincere. Apologetic. Apologizing all the time. Inferiority. Being cranky, grumpy, Shirty, Narky. Disdainful. Touchy. Irritable. Impatient. Angry. Holding a grudge. Chip on your shoulder. Nagging. Complaining. Sour faced. Hard faced. Bitchy. Attacking. Sarcasm. Sneering. Ridicule. Having a laugh at the expense of others. Putting other people down. Making 'digs'. Self pitying. Martyr. Being over responsible or having caretaking tendencies. Miserable. Ungrateful cow. Miserable cow. Indignant. Disapproving. Snotty. Snobby. Superiority. Thinking you're better than them because you have a 'spiritual programme'. Spiritual Pride. Haughty. Sniffy. Lofty. Condescending. Patronizing. Delusion of grandeur. Ego. When you think you're 'right'. Needing to be 'right'. Needing to win. Needing to win a pointless argument. Not being able to back down. Never apologizing or taking the blame. Reactive. Defensive. Always interpret seemingly negative situations as a deliberate attack. Not being able to give the benefit of the doubt. Persecution complex. Thinking 'it's always about you'. No faith in human nature. No trust. Hate men. Badmouth men. Badmouth anyone. Have a low opinion of men. Have a low opinion of anyone. Bitter and twisted. Harshness. Vindictive. Cruelty. Being short with people. Rudeness. Bad manners. Being ignorant. Taking pleasure in harming others in the guise of 'revenge'. Any punishing behaviors or thought forms. Not tipping. Being tight fisted. Being mean. Being mean spirited. Being rude to waiters. Or anyone really. Being too busy to talk. Very rude. Getting irritated by something as simple as standing in line in a supermarket. Getting your knickers in a twist about anything. Zero impulse control. Materialism. Shopping addiction. The NEED to shop. Liking and 'believing' in shopping. Spending more than you earn. Laziness. Being half hearted. Being inflexible. Deluded belief that a house or car will make you happy. Using anyone. Hating your boss. Hating anyone really. Saying bitchy things about the women you are supposed to be friends with. Being dishonest. Weeping in arguments. Not being calm. Being restless irritable and discontent. Being greedy or wanting 'things' far too much. Stubborn. Dogmatic. Not making an effort. Expecting them to do all the work. Being a 'passenger'. Boring them to death. Going on about yourself all the time. Being tired all the time. Hypochondriac. Being a big girls blouse. Dropping out of tough situations at the first hurdle. Trying to be 'nice'. Superficiality. Phoniness. Fake. Goody two shoes. Being 'nice'. Saccharine. Strained politeness. Ladishness. Swearing. Callousness. Scruffiness. Not being feminine. Inability to cope under pressure. Everything's a Drama. Everything's a BIG DEAL. Petulance. Sulking. Tantrums. Melodrama. Door slamming. Dramatic exits. Flailing around instead of getting on with solving the problem. Drama queen. Whingeing. Dumping. Venting. Being inconsiderate to anyone. Wanting to have things your own way all the time. Getting the hump when you don't. Moody. Up and down. Argumentative. Opinionated. Bossy. Controlling. Foot in mouth disease. Putting all your eggs in one basket. (-Puts FAR too much pressure on the relationship!!). Manipulative. Scheming. Indirect. Hinting instead of stating directly. Wimpiness. Doormat. Accepting poor treatment. (They will lose respect for you). Smart Alec. Arrogant. No flies on me! Breezy indifference. Trite. Glib. Saying things like you've said them a thousand times before. Too 'free' with your personal truths generally. Saying significant personal stuff so frequently that the words and memories lose their specialness. Careless. Not caring. Unfeeling. Terrified of Vulnerability. Crying all the time. Being over emotional. Sentimentality. Sugary-ness. Gushiness. Being numb. Making a show of backslapping camaraderie. Being loud. Being quiet and mincey. Being serious or earnest. Taking yourself FAR too seriously. Sense of humour failure. Dull. Boring. Glum. Wearing sludgey-coloured or grey, drab, shapeless clothing, and no make up. Unenthusiastic. Depressive. Listless. Lethargy. Inertia. Low energy. Despairing. Relentlessly pessimistic. Morbid reflection. Morbid preoccupation. Bleak outlook. Doom and gloom merchant. Giving up too easily. Negative thinking. Being Flaky. Lousy timekeeping. Disrespectful. Closed minded. Preconceived ideas. Bigoted. Mental loafer. Thinking the world 'owes you' something. Expecting generally. Having expectations of others. Demands. Ultimatums. Games. Trying to dominate. Wanting the power and control in a relationship. Sexual misconduct. Using sex to control in a relationship. Being judgmental about sexual behaviors. Sexually squeamish. Being focused on the things you hate about your body. Hating your body. Hating yourself. Being 'down' on yourself all the time. Never being happy with what you've got. Betrayal. Infidelity. No integrity. Emotional infidelity. Cyber affairs. Flirting or having (undisclosed) un platonic INTENTIONS or conversations with men other than your partner. (You are as sick as your secrets!). Behaving with other men in a way that would make you feel uncomfortable if your partner was watching. Deluding yourself that just because you have not kissed/had sex with another man that therefore you have not betrayed your partner. Weakness of character. Spineless. Timidity. No will power. Excuses. Rationalizations for negative behaviors and attitudes. Taking your partner for granted once you feel secure in their affections. Taking them for granted full stop. Letting yourself go. Being in a relationship for money or security instead of because you love and respect that person. -BAD karma!!!! Status orientated. Name dropper. Wanting/expecting to be paid for all the time. 'Making do' because you're frightened of being alone, and kidding yourself that you can sustain that situation. (-The truth will out!)

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