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I have recovered from the disease of Alcoholism. I believe there is only one person really,.. everybody. And that peace of mind is everything. -So treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself, because your neighbor IS yourself. I think most of recovery is what I would call common sense, but that learning to be ordinary is a true gift very few people acquire. My ambition is to accept everything unflinchingly, with compassion, and therefore be intrinsically comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I am comfortable being uncomfortable and am willing to go to any lengths to improve my life. I believe the Big Book was divinely inspired, and is extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately AA's best kept secret a lot of the time. (In my opinion). I just try to do what works, no matter what it is.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Active Imagination and reasoning with 'Component parts' of self

I don't generally have a 'busy' head these days, but if there WAS something 'rattling around' in there that was bugging me,
I either tell someone about it,
OR, do an 'active imagination' conversation. (See previous posts under label 'prayer')

Or sometimes I just dialogue with the 'rattled' part of my head that is 'bleating'. I 'hear it out' and listen to what it has to say, and then counter its arguments for being distressed with reasoned feedback from my knowledge of recovery. It's like being a good parent to myself.

They all work well in their own way.

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